JAKARTA - Celebrity Chandrika Chika was arrested by the South Jakarta Metro Police for drug abuse cases on Monday, April 22 at Ascott, Kuningan along with 5 other people.

Now Chika is in detention after testing positive for marijuana. Today, Wednesday, April 24, Chandrika Chika's parents were present at the South Jakarta Metro Police to visit their daughter.

Chandrika Chika's father admitted that he was surprised by the unpleasant news that came from his daughter.

"Be surprised, why is that," said Chandrika Chika's father at the South Jakarta Metro Police, Wednesday, April 24.

Furthermore, Chika's father also felt guilty because his son was involved in the wrong association. Once again, Chika's father admitted that he did not expect it.

"Yes, the name of our child believes it is social. I didn't expect it but later," he continued.

During this visit, Chika's parents specifically brought their daughter's favorite food as a form of entertainment for her.

"Take some. Chika's favorite food," he concluded.

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