Said Ahessa Wants Problems With Wulan Guritno To Be Resolved With Family
Wulan Guritno and Sabda Ahessa (Instagram @doleytobing)

JAKARTA - After being absent at the inaugural trial of the bailout fund case, Sabda Ahessa finally attended the second trial which was scheduled to summon the plaintiff and the defendant at the South Jakarta District Court, Thursday, February 29.

Sabda's presence was represented by two of his attorneys, namely Aditya Anggriady and Farih Romdoni. After undergoing the trial process, Aditya expressed his client's hopes for the case by his ex-lover.

Aditya said that Sabda wanted this problem to be resolved properly and amicably. Sabda also wants the problem to end peacefully between him and Wulan Guritno.

"Therefore, we are here. Then the spirit of him is good from him wanting to provide compensation, which later in the day this problem can solve such a family," said Aditya Angriady at the South Jakarta District Court, Thursday, February 29.

"And we as attorneys from Mas Sabda also have dedication to this case to end in peace. Like that," he continued.

Furthermore, he hopes that the signal of peace from his client can be received well by Wulan Guritno. Then Sabda also wants this problem not to spread to personal matters that interfere with his privacy.

"We also invite Wulan Guritno's mother to immediately accept peace from our clients. Maybe so from our clients. We ask our clients for privacy price media colleagues," said Aditya.

Seeing this, Wulan Guritno also hopes for the same thing. As long as there is good faith from the Sabda to pay the money that Wulan has lent to him.

"Yes, it's okay, we're not here to make a fuss, only this is one of the media through the court. If you want to be paid, it's legal, we won't keep it," added Ficky Fernando, Wulan Guritno's attorney.

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