Tamara Tyasmara Is Considered Negligent In Depositing Dante To YA, Legal Experts Give Rebuttals
Tamara Tyasmara and Dante (Instagram @tamaratyasmara)

JAKARTA - Artist Tamara Tyasmara became the target of netizens because she was considered negligent in entrusting her son, Dante, to his lover, Yudha Arfandi alias YA until finally he died in his hands.

However, seeing the actions taken by Tamara, a legal expert, Dr. Chairul Huda revealed that this could not be said to be a form of negligence.

"The game is the cause of the result, the result is death, so if the mother says she is negligent, which negligence, she doesn't let her child go to the swimming pool herself, but goes with her close friend and child," said Chairul Huda in the Pamulang area, South Tangerang, Wednesday, February 21.

"So it was just said that he was negligent if this child walked alone into the pool without his mother's supervision because he was not good at swimming and eventually drowned," he continued.

Furthermore, evidence that Tamara did not neglect to be seen from the CCTV footage where YA deliberately drowned Dante until he died.

"Then the death of the victim from CCTV was not due to drowning or not being good enough to swim, there was physical intervention from the perpetrator against the victim's body which caused the victim not to be in a state of freedom and then led to death," he explained.

For him, it is normal or can be called social issues when Tamara deliberately entrusts Dante to YA because of his status as a lover. Where he puts his trust in YA to take care of his child.

"This is a social issue when people have relationships, are dating like that, asking for help, being helped, helping, that's the result of social relations that can happen to anyone," he explained.

"The law of talking about unique events is not a general like that, it's a social issue, there are people who believe in their girlfriends who don't, it can happen to anyone," he concluded.

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