Synopsis Of Chinese Drama Battle Through The Heaven: The Story Of He Luo Luo's Struggle
Poster Battle Through The Heaven (Tencent)

JAKARTA - He Luo Luo will come with his latest Chinese drama titled Battle Through The Heaven. This is his second drama this year after Welcome to Milele Village.

This drama is a continuation of the first drama of the same name which aired in 2018. This wuxia fantasy drama tells the story of the struggle of a child to restore the dignity of his family.

Besides He Luo Luo, Battle Through The Heaven is also played by Ding Xiao Ying, Gu Yu Han, Wang Xiu Ziu, Qiu Xin Zhi, and Lu Yu Xiao.

Battle Through The Heaven tells the story of Xiao Yan (He Luo Luo), a man who has an appointment with Nalan Yanran. One day, Xiao's family is suddenly attacked and his father is confronted by a mysterious party.

Xiao Yan wanted to restore his family harmony, so he went to meet Master Yao Chen (Qiu Xin Zhi) and returned to Jianan Academy.

Xiao Yan, who initially lived as freely as he could, now has a desire to get the ability to fight Yunlan at the Academy.

Xiao Yan's return is not only about family, but he is also met with Xiao Xun Er (Ding Xiao Ying) who is the person he likes.

On the other hand, Xiao Yan also meets Zi Yan (Gu Yu Han) and other friends who look busy but actually they are mysterious.

Battle Through The Heaven is the second part of the story of Fight's Break Sphere. The players are also different from the first part.

This drama has 34 episodes and will air from Friday, December 8 every day on Tencent Video.

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