Hit By Netizens, Billy Syahputra Wants To Open A Business If He Retires From Entertainment
Billy Syahputra (Instagram @bilsky16)

JAKARTA - The name of the late Olga Syahputra's younger brother, Billy Syahputra, was the talk of netizens because he was suspected of saying bad words to his presenter Chandrika Chika, who became famous for his shake capital.

Because of his remarks, Billy admitted to being the target of netizens until he could not sleep for three days. Even Billy admitted that he wanted to quit the entertainment world and change his profession as a seller.

This is further corroborated by Billy's meeting with one of the best sellers on a television program that is able to buy a house to Umrah only by becoming a seller.

"Jualan seblak ya kebetulan tadi habis acara rumpi, ada penjual seblak yang kebetulan viral kemudian dia dengan modal satu juga, dia sudah membeli rumah, membeli mobil, dan lagi sudah umrah," tutur Billy Syahputra di kawasan Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta Selatan, Selasa, 5 Desember.

Therefore, Billy, who was inspired to pray, hopefully he can follow in the footsteps of the sellers who according to him were already in the field of business.

"Whatever the business, even though the capital is small but useful for many people, it can be a lot of sustenance, God willing, hopefully follow in the footsteps of friends who did sell in this field of business first," he explained.

Not without reason, Amanda Manopo's ex-lover tells the story of the beginning of her wanting to become a seller. This is because he often sees a seller walking near his house every time he comes home from work which eventually raises his intention to become a ruler.

"Anyway, we saw earlier that there was Ms. And if, for example, I go home from filming, I often see ladies and gentlemen who are selling a lot of things. Until finally I was like, 'ah, that's it', God willing, if for example there is a chance for me to become a businessman like that, that's all," he concluded.

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