Peaceful, Leon Dozan Promises This To Rinoa Aurora
Leon Dozan and Rinoa Aurora (Instagram @official.bethariasonata)

JAKARTA - Betharia Sonata finally received the blessing of peace from Rinoa Aurora, a victim of abuse by her son, Leon Rahman Dozan.

In a press conference, Rinoa explained the reason he forgiven Leon Dozan. He said the most important basis he forgives Leon was because of his family's teachings that always forgive others.

"I always remember the law of love, I was educated in my family to help fellow humans like yourself," said Rinoa Aurora in the Lebak Bulus area, South Jakarta, Saturday, December 2.

Apart from being educated by his family, Rinoa admitted that he also felt sorry for Betharia Sonata as a mother. Because not long ago, Betharia admitted that she fell to her knees at the feet of Juliana Assad, Rinoa Aurora's mother, in order to make peace.

"Mama Betha and I understand her feelings, because I also have a mother and I am a woman who will one day become a mother," continued Rinoa.

Furthermore, Rinoa also shared that recently he had visited Leon Dozan in detention. During the meeting, Leon promised Rinoa not to repeat his mistake again.

"I've also visited Leon, I've seen Leon and Leon say, 'Rinoa Aurora, Leon apologize and don't repeat it again, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm not feeling good here, Rinoa Aurora'," said Rinoa.

"What is important to me is that Leon has changed, Leon has also been taught a lesson because he was detained," said Rinoa.

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