Kim Hye Soo Calls For A Ceasefire In The Conflict Between Israel And Palestine
Kim Hye Soo (ALLKPOP)

JAKARTA - South Korea became one of the abstentional countries when the United Nations issued a ceasefire resolution between Israel and Hamas, Palestinian militants. It is known that 120 countries approved the resolution, 14 countries refused, and 45 countries abstained or did not vote, including South Korea.

However, Kim Hye Soo firmly voiced pressure for a ceasefire related to the current heated conflict between Israel and Palestine. He has openly shown resistance to the genocide that Israel has committed against Palestine.

The drama star Under the Queen's Umbrella also urged Israel to immediately hold a ceasefire. He and UNICEF support protection for all people in the Gaza region.

Through his personal Instagram upload, Kim Hye Soo uploaded UNICEF's statement regarding aid workers. In that statement there was also a request for a ceasefire.

"Aid workers should not be targeted. UNICEF extends its condolences to UN staff around the world and colleagues in Gaza. More than 100 UNRWA employees have been killed in Gaza since October 7. I call for an immediate ceasefire to protect everyone," the UNICEF statement said.

Kim Hye Soo's upload went viral on social media. He received a lot of praise for not having a public figure from South Korea voiced support for Palestine and asked for an Israeli ceasefire.

"Queen is indeed different," said a netizen on Twitter or X.

"In addition to acting and projects that are that good, conscience and courage are that good too," said another.

"Wow, it's a legend, the impact is pretty good, he must have followed big artists too. This is enough to give him an understanding," continued another.

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