Synopsis Of The Devil's Film, Grandma's Death That Became The Beginning Of The Devil's Awakening
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JAKARTA - The Devils film will premiere on November 16, 2023 in cinemas throughout Indonesia. This film tells the story of a husband and wife named Kala (Putri Ayudya) and Radit (Fandy Christian) who live happily with their only child, Bima (Jordan Omar).

One day, that happiness slowly disappeared after they had to go to Radit's old house because his long-lost mother was mysteriously found to have committed suicide in Radit's old house.

The grandmother's death caused this family to experience a lot of terror by creatures beyond common sense in the house. Surprisingly, all the terror pointed to their only child Bima.

Kala and Radit decided to leave the place. By leaving there, they thought that this was the best way to save Bima.

Unfortunately, this is the beginning of a series of imminent nightmares, as well as the dark secret behind the death of the grandmother related to the rise of the demon.

The Devil's film also stars Epy Kusnandar, Frislly Herlind, Karina Ranau, Princess Patricia, Vonny Anggraeni, Naomi Melodi and Evano Zyan Alfarezi.

"From the start, this project was designed and developed with the creative team, I have thought about presenting a film that is fresh and light, but still presents fear in every scene," said producer and producer of the PIM Pictures production house in an official statement, Tuesday, October 31.

The film, made by Director Genny Gulardi, is designed as a fresh film, so that it can be enjoyed by all people. In addition, the production process for the film Perjanuan Devil has been carefully inserted.

"The development process that we are doing will make this project very mature for production and the resulting script is also very satisfying," said the director of the Devil's film Kenny Gulardi.

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