Requirements For Donor Kidneys Implemented In Indonesia
Kidney illustration (Unsplash)

YOGYAKARTA The practice of donor kidney organs in the world of health is indeed possible and carried out. However, not all practices are legal. There are a number of conditions for kidney donors that must be considered both medically and legally.

As is known, kidney donation is usually done in patients who experience kidney failure. To do so, a team of doctors must consider the safety of donors and patients who receive donors. So what are the conditions for kidney donors to pay attention to?

From a medical point of view, kidney donors cannot be done carelessly. Before donation, a health check must be carried out for both patients and donors. In general, the requirements for kidney donors are as follows.

Apart from the medical side, the requirements for kidney donors must be considered from a legal perspective. This activity is regulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia No. 38 of 2016. The regulation mentions several administrative requirements for kidney donors, namely the following.

Those are some of the requirements for kidney donors. Visit VOI.ID to get other interesting information.

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