AHY Will Invite Other Ministries To Solve Agrarian And Land Issues In Indonesia
AHY (photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - Minister of ATR/BPN Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) emphasized the need for cooperation with other ministries to solve land and agrarian problems in the country.

Because, AHY assessed, land and agrarian issues have links to other ministries.

"The completion of all issues and problems, including land disputes, both individuals, corporations and communities, cannot all be resolved directly only by the Ministry of ATR/BPN, many intersect with other ministries," said AHY at the office. Ministry of ATR/BPN, Jakarta, Thursday, February 22.

AHY said that the first ministry to be invited to discuss land and agrarian problems was the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs (Kemenko Ekonomi).

"First, the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy, namely Pak Airlangga Hartarto, because the Ministry of ATR/BPN is under the coordination of the Coordinating Minister for the Economy. I have asked for the time," he said.

Then, AHY also said that he would immediately coordinate with the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) to the Ministry of Investment/Investment Coordinating Agency.

"A colleague in Pak Bahlil's economic area will also be invited to communicate, PUPR too," he said.

In addition, AHY also admitted that he would immediately coordinate with a number of other institutions, such as the Attorney General's Office to the National Police.

"So, I will also convey directly to North Sulawesi later. Including the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, for example, the National Police and the Attorney General. Yesterday, I told everyone, I asked for time and, yes, of course, the time is being sought," he added.

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