JAKARTA - Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono ensured that the president's instructions regarding drinking water and sanitation would take advantage of the existing water treatment plant (IPA).

"So, we want to install a house connection (SR) from the IPA that has been built. So, we don't build a new IPA," said Basuki at the DPR RI Building, Jakarta, Monday, November 20.

Basuki said the inpres for drinking water and sanitation was in order to utilize the IPA infrastructure that had been built by his party.

"The IPA has been built, the distribution has been done, only the SR should have been (worked) in the regions or PDAM, but it's slow. Well, it's around 6.8 million SR. So, of the 10 million connections that have been installed, now (the remaining) 3.2 SR (has not been installed) of all the IPAs," he said.

Previously reported, the Ministry of PUPR is trying to obtain presidential instructions regarding drinking water and sanitation. This is to speed up household connections from water treatment plants (IPA) throughout Indonesia.

Minister Basuki said this had been reported to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and was currently in the formulation stage.

"This is being formulated by the inpres, the inpres has been approved by the president two weeks ago, the inpres is now being prepared," he said.

He said the amount of budget planned in the water and sanitation inpres is around Rp. 16.6 trillion.

Later, the inpres can make a drinking water connection from IPA-IPA which has been built to household connections (SR) throughout Indonesia, with the main targets in four provinces.

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