What Is Brand Awareness? This Is Understanding To How To Do It For MSMEs
Illustration of brand awareness (Unsplash)

YOGYAKARTA Did you know that one way for people to get to know products well is to improve brand awareness. Then what is brand awareness actually? This article will discuss matters related to brand awareness in the business world.

literally, brand awareness means brand awareness. In the business context, brand awareness is owned by the public, whether it is included in the target market for a brand or not.

Easier, brand awareness is a term that describes the extent to which consumers know certain brands. If consumers easily recognize a brand, it means that their brand awareness of certain brands is getting higher.

As explained earlier, brand awareness is related to how easy it is for consumers to recognize certain products. For example, the level of your brand awareness of Honda is very high because apart from liking the brand, you are also used to using Honda brands. As a result, you still mention Honda in other vehicle brands.

Another example, you often consume bottled water from the Aqua brand. In your mind, Aqua is very attached to blue so that when you see a bottle of blue drinking water, it always relates it to the Aqua brand.

Increasing brand awareness is very beneficial for business as a whole. Here are some benefits of improving brand awareness in general.

Actually, there are many ways to improve brand awareness, especially among MSMEs. Some ways that can be tried are as follows.

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