Don't Underestimate The Crime Of Money Laundering
The crime of money laundering is a very extraordinary crime. (Unsplash)

JAKARTA Statement by the Chairman of the National Coordination Committee for Prevention and Eradication of Money Laundering (TPPU) Mahfud MD regarding the findings of suspicious financial transaction aggregate data amounting to Rp349.87 trillion at the Ministry of Finance made a scene.

Mahfud strongly suspects that this figure is a money laundering offense carried out by 491 employees of the Ministry of Finance since 2009. The details are divided into three groups.

First, suspicious financial transactions amounting to Rp35.54 trillion which allegedly involved 461 employees of the Ministry of Finance. Second, suspicious financial transactions amounting to Rp53.82 trillion which allegedly involved 30 employees of the finance ministry and other parties.

Third, suspicious financial transactions related to the authority of the finance ministry as an investigator for the original crime (TPA) and money laundering offenses that have not been obtained data on the involvement of Ministry of Finance employees amounting to Rp260.1 trillion.

A number of members of Commission III of the DPR RI in the General Hearing Meeting (RDPU) on March 29, 2023 questioned why Mahfud has only been shouting at this time, even though the alleged money laundering offense has been going on since 2009.

Mahfud did not deny that implementing the Money Laundering Law was very difficult. In every meeting with a number of parties including law enforcement officials, the discussion that is always made is the process of revealing it.

"It turns out that it is difficult, not unwilling. This must be met first, if this is met, this must be finished first. Given this burden, a series of money laundering people send each other, send each other," Mahfud said in response to Commission III members.

Yurizal, SH, MH in the book 'Money Laundering) in Indonesia' also writes that in the context of law enforcement, the term money laundering is not a simple concept, but it is very complicated. The problem is so complex that it is quite difficult to formulate the legal offenses objectively and effectively. This is reflected in the limits of understanding which are quite large and varied.

Therefore, Mahfud suggested that the Asset Confiscation Bill (RUU) should be a priority. Thus, the government and law enforcement officials can have tools to handle money laundering offenses.

"Please go through Mr. Bambang Pacul, the Asset Confiscation Act, please support it, sir. So that we can take it like this, sir," said Mahfud, who also serves as Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs.

The bill has been submitted since 2020 and has been approved by the legislature.

"But suddenly it came out again when it would be set as a top priority. Even though the contents have been approved by the former DPR. The government then corrected it. We beg you there. We will be easier," he added.

The term money laundering first emerged around the 1920s during the mafia in the United States bought the company. Then combine illegal money with money legally obtained from business activities.

The practice was carried out to obscure the origin of money originating from illegal activities such as extortion, prostitution, liquor trading, and drugs.

"A way like that turns out to give big and very promising advantages to the leader of the gangster caliber Alwenty," said Yurizal.

Currently, money laundering activities have crossed the jurisdiksi limit which offers a high level of confidentiality. Or using various financial mechanisms, where money can be channeled through banks, money transmitters, business activities, and can even be sent abroad so that it becomes a clear launched money.

Munir Fuady in the book 'Indonesian Banking Law' describes 8 modus operandi that are often carried out in the practice of money laundering, namely:

Yurizal added that at least money laundering did not cause harm to the community, but in reality it was very dangerous. The proceeds of crime are always in a very large nominal that affects the national economy.

Money laundering can also be a means of developing organized crime. Allowing drug dealers, smugglers and other criminals to expand their operations.

What's worse, said Yurizal, is that money laundering can result in the loss of government control over economic policies.

The crime of money laundering is a very extraordinary crime.

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