In Front Of The Judge, The Witness Of The DP RP0 House Case Explains Governor Anies's Instructions
The defendant in the alleged land acquisition case in Munjul, Yoory Corneles Pinontoan (left) discusses with his attorney after attending a trial reading the indictment at the Corruption Court / Antara

JAKARTA - Former Head of the Regional Owned Enterprise Development Agency (BP BUMD) DKI Jakarta Province, Yurianto, explained the planning in land acquisition for the Rumah DP Rp. 0 projects.

"Housing DP 0 Rupiah (Rumah DP Rp. 0) is a program to provide housing for low-income communities in the 2017-2022 Regional Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD), which is based on Regional Regulation No. 1 of 2018", Yurianto said at the Jakarta Corruption Court, Thursday.

Yurianto was a witness for the accused former President Director of the Regional Public Company (Perumda) Pembangunan Sarana Jaya, Yoory Corneles, who was charged with causing state losses of IDR 152.565 billion in land acquisition for the Rumah DP Rp. 0 projects in Munjul, Pondok Ranggon, East Jakarta.

"There is a program, Mr. Governor and Deputy Governor-elect, Mr. Anies Rasyid Baswedan and Mr. Sandiaga Uno, as stipulated, later it will be proposed as a program in the RPJMD. When the preparation goes through a certain process with the Regional House of Representatives, after there is an agreement, it is realized in a regional regulation, of course, when it is drafted through certain stages such as Musrenbang, public consultations, discussions", said Yurianto.

In the RPJMD, according to Yurianto, it has not been stated who will carry out the procurement of the Rumah DP Rp. 0, but the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan has given several directions.

"There were several directives at that time, regarding 'House with DP 0 Rupiah', it was conveyed that the house was a basic need so that the state must help improve the welfare of the people. Second, that this ' Rumah DP Rp. 0' is a promise that we certainly plan to fulfill the promise of the program", added Yurianto.

However, according to Yurianto, communication between agencies has not yet occurred, so it is necessary to form a communication team.

"It is directed that in implementing the 'Household DP 0 Rupiah' program it must be really good, in the sense that it is not only good on paper but in its implementation there are problems, so it is necessary to carry out 'exercise'", said Yurianto.

"In BAP No. 19 the witness said the Governor of DKI Jakarta gave the first directive, giving directions to the Head of Housing and Settlement related to the policy of 'Owning DP 0 Rupiah' by involving relevant agencies, Bapedda, Assistant for the Economy, Assistant for Development and Environment, BPKD, Inspectorate, and the Secretary of State. The second directive is to provide funding in the form of PMD (Regional Equity Participation) to the Regional Development Company Saraja Jaya (PPSJ)', the governor said that at that time?", asked the KPK public prosecutor.

"I forgot, what I know is that at the National Meeting, the Governor said that first, the BUMN that carried out the construction of the ' Rumah DP Rp. 0 Residential' had to be really 'exercise' first, not to be good on paper", Yurianto replied.

However, Yurianto did not answer regarding the directives for PMD funding for Sarana Jaya.

"The one who proposed the budget was Perumda (Regional Public Company) Pembangunan Sarana Jaya (PPSJ) so that we from BP BUMD proposed to the Regional Government Budget Team (TAPB) after that, TAPD was the one who determined the amount of PMD", Yurianto said.

"So the question is this, to realize the 'Rumah DP Rp. 0 Residential' program, do you know what the Governor of DKI Jakarta is doing? Your answer to the '0 Rupiah DP Residential' program is twofold, first, the second one: providing PMD funding to PPSJ ?", asked the chairman of the panel of judges, Saifuddin Zuhri.

"The number two I forgot, the number one really directed the SKPD to help this process. For the second, because it was proposed the process of capital participation from PPSJ and we conveyed it to TAPD, TAPD was discussed, that was the decision for regional capital participation", replied Yurianto.

Perumda Pembangunan Sarana Jaya is a Regional Owned Enterprise (BUMD) of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov) which is engaged in the property sector in the form of providing land, building housing, and buildings (general and commercial) as well as carrying out assignments from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government such as "Development of a Rumah DP Rp. 0" and the arrangement of the Tanah Abang commercial area. Sarana Jaya also received regional capital participation (PMD) from DKI Jakarta.

In this case, Yoory Corneles together with the owners of PT Adonara Propertindo, namely Anja Runtuwene and Tommy Adrian, and the corporation PT Adonara Propertindo were charged with causing state financial loss of Rp. 152,565.440,000 from land acquisition for the Rumah DP Rp. 0 Residential projects in Munjul, Pondok Ranggon, East Jakarta.

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