Saying That BUMN Mosque Lecture Contains Cursing At Jokowi, Said Aqil Appointed Erick Thohir As President Commissioner Of KAI
PBNU Chairman Said Aqil Siradj. (Rizky Aditya Pramana / VOI)

JAKARTA - State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Minister Erick Thohir appointed PBNU Chairman Said Aqil Siradj to be the main commissioner and concurrently the independent commissioner of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) or KAI. The appointment of Said Aqil replaced Jusman Syafii Djamal.

The appointment of Said Aqil was confirmed by Riza Primadi who was also appointed as the commissioner of the state-owned transportation company.

"That's right, Said Aqil Siroj as the President Commissioner of KAI and concurrently an Independent Commissioner," he said, when contacted by VOI, Wednesday, March 3.

Based on the change in the composition of the Board of Commissioners of PT KAI that VOI received, apart from Said, Erick also appointed several other people.

First, he himself was appointed as an independent commissioner. Second, Rochadi, who occupies the position of independent commissioner.

Then, third, Diah Nataliza became a commissioner. Finally, Chairul Anwar was appointed as the company commissioner.

Riza said that Erick Thohir also retained several names on the old board of commissioners. They are, Pungky Sumadi, Criss Kuntadi and Freddy Haris. Erick also did not change the position of the board of directors.

Previously, Chairman of the Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) Executive Board, Said Aqil Siradj, once shared his experience of performing Friday prayers in a number of mosques, one of which was a state-owned company. Said Aqil found that there were still mosques where the contents of the lecture contained swear words.

Said Aqil asked the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo to follow up. For Said Aqil, if this condition is allowed to worry, there will be the spread of radicalism.

"Oh yes sir, in this mosque, this mosque is mainly in state-owned enterprises, oh my, if the sermon is Friday, not he said, I have heard it myself, sir, have heard it myself. Gus Dur is stupid, Said Aqil, Jokowi is stupid, that's Masyaallah. What is a Friday sermon like that, "said Said Aqil, quoted from the Youtube account 164 Channel - Nahdatul Ulama, Friday, January 29.

In a meeting with the National Police Chief, Said Aqil also detailed several mosques that had been the location for the insulting lecture.

"(The lecture) was at the BUMN (mosque) in Telkomsel, at Telkom, at PLN, at Pertamina, not at Pertamina central (but) at Pertamina Patra. At Pegadaian here also next door. So why is it allowed. Like that," he said

"Not to mention the flow of funds from Baznas, where did they go? Have a look. Now, Mr. Noor Achmad (Chairman of Baznas) is doing clean-up. Maybe someone will go to ISIS too later," he said.

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