Batam's "Crazy" PMK Outbreak Bans Residents From Consuming Beef From This Area
Illustration/Photo: Antara

BATAM - The Oral and Nail Disease Task Force (PMK) of Batam City has temporarily banned the slaughter of sacrificial animals originating from Lampung in two sub-districts.

Head of the Batam City Food and Agriculture Security Agency, Mardanis, in Batam, Thursday, June 30, stated that the ban was imposed so that the FMD outbreak, which currently attacks cattle, would not spread to pigs.

"Sagulung Subdistrict and the surrounding Bulang Subdistrict are not allowed to slaughter animals originating from Lampung, if local animals please. Not allowed to leave Batam and other islands. It is not allowed to slaughter in Sagulung, because there is a pig farm on Bulan Island. This policy is only until July 9, 2022," said Mardanis as quoted by Antara.

He also emphasized that sacrificial animals that are currently in official animal shelters should not be released until one day before Eid al-Adha.

"Animals that are currently in the place of the sacrificial animal in Tamiang or outside of Tamiang, may not be released until D-1. Cows in Tamiang and outside of Tamiang are under quarantine, using an official letter from us," he said.

In addition, Mardanis said that with the findings of suspected PMK on hundreds of cattle in Batam City, currently the Batam PMK Task Force has begun to impose a crisis center or complaint post.

"The PMK Task Force will actively implement a crisis center (complaint center) to provide information to the widest possible population," he said.

He hopes that every livestock seller is obliged to inform the PMK Task Force if there are findings of PMK symptoms.

"Every day, they will be assisted by veterinarians in Batam City," he said.

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