Rain And Strong Wind, Big Tree Falls On Mekar Baru House
BPBD officers evacuate a large tree trunk that fell on a resident's house in Mekar Baru, Tangerang/Photo: Antara

BANTEN - The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) team in Tangerang Regency, Banten, evacuated a fallen tree that hit a resident's house in Mekar Baru District due to heavy rain and strong winds.

"The fallen tree incident occurred at around 04.30 western Indonesia time, in Sura Village, RT 05, RW 01, Mekar Baru Village, Mekar Baru District, which hit Mr. Solehudin's kitchen and duck coop," said Head of Emergency and Logistics for BPBD Tangerang Regency, Abdul Munir, quoting Antara, Wednesday 26 January.

He said that heavy rains and strong winds uprooted a large tree whose condition was already porous, so the tree immediately fell on houses in the vicinity.

"In this incident, there were no casualties, when the incident the owner of the house was inside. It was just that the trunk and twigs of the tree were exposed to the kitchen," he said.

In addition, the incident of the fallen tree also occurred in the area of Tanjung Anom Village, Mauk District, precisely on Tanjung Kait street by hitting an uninhabited post.

"For the fallen tree in the Mauk area, there were no casualties, only the fallen tree hit an uninhabited post building," he added.

To tidy up the fallen tree, Tangerang Regency BPBD deployed 10 personnel divided into two, each consisting of 5 people.

"In Mekar Baru Village, we have deployed 5 firefighters serving at Kronjo Post. And 5 Mauk Posts, assisted by fire volunteers and the Mekar Baru Village community," he said.

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