The Attorney General's Office Continues To Hunt For Defendant Asabri's Partner For Asset Recovery
Director of Investigations of the Attorney General for Special Crimes (Dirdik JAMPidsus) Attorney General's Office Supardi/ANTARA

JAKARTA - The Investigation Team for the Deputy Attorney General for Special Crimes at the Attorney General's Office continues to hunt for parties suspected of jointly enjoying the proceeds of corruption by PT Asabri (Persero) for the benefit of asset recovery.

Director of Investigations of the Attorney General's Office for Special Crimes (Dirdik JAMPidsus) The Attorney General's Office Supardi believes that there are still parties suspected of being involved, including the defendant's partners and suspects, especially those revealed in the facts of the trial.

"It could develop again (the suspect, ed)," Supardi said, quoted by Antara, Monday, January 17.

In the Asabri case itself, the panel of judges at the Corruption Crime District Court (Tipikor) sentenced six defendants to different sentences, ranging from 15 years to 20 years. Meanwhile, one defendant Heru Hidayat was ordered to die.

Supardi admitted that he was still focused on recovering assets to recover state losses. The investigative team has a list of assets suspected of being affiliated with the defendant and the suspect currently circulating outside, either in the form of shares or other assets.

According to Supardi, investigators maximized the pursuit of the assets of the Asabri case for no reason. Because a number of facts were revealed in the trial of the Asabri case. Among them are alleged assets disguised on behalf of other parties or partners.

"If the directions are there, we will definitely call them. Moreover, if the information is important, of course, we have to call them again (checked-ed)," said Supardi.

Supardi added that the hunt for assets in the Asabri case would continue as investigators indicated that a number of assets were deliberately disguised or diverted to avoid confiscation. This includes the assets of Heru Hidayat, who is being sentenced to death.

Supardi stated that he would continue to optimize the tracking of his assets. His party will work closely with the AGO's Asset Tracking Center (PPA) and the Financial Transaction Analysis Reporting Center (PPATK) to track assets affiliated with the convicted partner.

"Yes, we'll see, we will trace where the assets are flowing," Supardi replied.

Previously, the investigation team also examined four witnesses in the Asabri case. They are LMP as the Head of the IDX Transaction Supervision Division.

Then witnesses YM and HE as employees of PT Asabri (Persero)/staff in the Portfolio Management Division. They were examined regarding the chronology of the placement of PT Asabri (Persero) funds in six mutual fund products of PT Asia Raya Kapital.

Finally, the witness TSN, as an entrepreneur/an iron seller, was examined in relation to the SUGI, BCIP, and SIAP share transactions.

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