BNN Reveals Change Of Routes To Indonesia Become New Pattern Of Narcotics Syndicate
Head of BNN Petrus Reinhard Golose with suspected narcotics perpetrators in Ahmad Dahlan Room, BNN RI Office, East Jakarta. ANTARA/Putu Indah Savitri

JAKARTA - Head of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Petrus Reinhard Golose, said the change in the entry route for narcotics syndicates to Indonesia became a new pattern that became the attention of BNN.

“What we need to be aware of is the border. If the operation is in 2021, the average is from northern Sumatra. If we look now, the entry has been further down geographically. We have gone to Riau," Golose told reporters in the Ahmad Dahlan Room at the BNN RI Office, East Jakarta, as reported by Antara, Monday, January 17.

He is of the view that a new pattern is a form of adaptation of narcotics syndicates after facing the synergies carried out by law enforcement officers related to drug eradication in border areas, especially in northern Sumatra Island.

Furthermore, after entering Riau, one of the routes of distribution is from West Kalimantan to East Kalimantan.

"Later on from Kalimantan he will spread again. It's still in development," said Golose.

He mentioned that the five suspects that BNN managed to secure from the Riau network were mostly from Padang. BNN managed to confiscate 176.26 kg of crystal methamphetamine and 16,586 pills of ecstasy from this network.

“They are Padang people but the operations they carry out are located in Riau. This is interesting to me, we must take preventive measures in various provinces along the narcotics trafficking route," said Golose.

In addition to the difference in entry routes, another new pattern that caught Golose's attention was the variation in the pattern of the methamphetamine packets that they managed to secure. Usually, the shabu-shabu package uses a Chinese tea motif. Meanwhile, during this operation, BNN officers found methamphetamine wrapped in a batik motif.

"They changed the pattern and they did this to avoid arrests by the authorities," said Golose.

Golose revealed that BNN succeeded in thwarting the circulation of narcotics with evidence in the form of 218.46 kg of crystal methamphetamine and 16,586 ecstasy pills from networks in East Kalimantan, West Kalimantan and Riau.

BNN secured 11 suspects from the three networks, with details of three suspects from the East Kalimantan network, five suspects from the Riau network, and three suspects from the West Kalimantan network.


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