Introducing Mario Suryo! The Wild Racer Who Was Adopted By The Regional Police Chief, Fadil, Paving The Way For Moto3 GP Mandalika
Metro Police Chief Inspector General Fadil and his adopted son (Photo: Rizky Adytia/VOI)
JAKARTA - Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Fadil Imran introduced his adopted son named Mario Suryo Aji who will appear at the Moto3 GP Mandalika Circuit, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). Mario used to like speeding on the road alias wild racer.
Fadil hopes that Mario can be an example for other youths. "He (Mario) is my foster child, I plan for Jakarta children who often race at night, I will give an example like Mario," said Fadil to reporters, Tuesday, November 30.
According to Fadil, his adopted son has been quite successful. Because, currently a big team has been contracted to act at the Mandalika Circuit next year.

"Hopefully. We already have a circuit, there will be our racers who will pave the way in Mandalika to make Indonesia proud," explained Fadil.
Fadil further explained that he now makes Mario his foster child. Because Mario's parents have left him since the end of last October. "So leave it to me, his parents. So how Mario can achieve more in the future," said Fadil.
With the achievements of his adopted son, Fadil hopes that the automotive world will take a look and provide support.
"I also want to inspire Indonesian automotive observers to be able to appear in international events, hopefully the Minister of Sports can also monitor Mario's talent," Fadil said.

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