Best Rows Of WatchOS Features Exhibited At WWDC 2024

JAKARTA During the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event held, Apple talked a lot about new features on iOS and iPadOS 18. Not only that, they also talked about new features on watchOS. In the fall of this year, around September to December, Apple will launch watchOS 11 to a compatible Apple Watch. There are many new features that they will launch. Here are some of the features, quoted from Makeuseof. The Vital Application of the Health Audit As we know, Apple Watch can be used to collect health data as long as its users are asleep, ranging from heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep duration, blood oxygen, and others through the Vitals application. This application will be updated at the launch of watchOS 11. Later, Vitals apps will provide a clearer metric. Users will be notified if there is an unusual metric with possible cause. Smart Smart Smart Made Apple has launched Smart Smarter Stacks at the end of last year. Smart Stack is a feature containing multiple widgets that can display information in real-time. However, users must choose its widget manually. With an update in watchOS 11, Smart Stack can generate widgets automatically at any given time. For example, if your location will experience bad weather such as thunderstorms, bad weather warning widgets will appear and notify you. Apart from making more sophisticated, Apple is adding more widgets to that feature. Now, users can access widgets for trainingloads, Photos, distances, and Shazam. For the last three widgets, users can be directly directed into the application.

The Check-In Security Feature One of the security features on iOS 17, namely the Check-in feature, will be available on Apple Watch after the launch of watchOS 11. With this feature, users can notify friends or family that they have arrived at their destination safely. When using Check-in, users will be asked to enter the destination and estimate the arrival time. This feature will provide news automatically once the user arrives. Check-in features are very useful for users who often go home at night without being accompanied.