Wuling Presents Drive For A Green Life Experience At The World Water Forum With Three Mainstay Models

JAKARTA - Wuling Motors (Wuling) presents environmentally friendly mobility by participating in the 10th World Water Forum 2024 event which will be held in Bali, which will be held from May 18 to May 25, 2024.

Wuling as the Official Car Partner deployed three electric vehicles, namely Air Ev, BinguoEV, and Cloud EV with a total of 150 units, to support the mobility of international organizational countries delegations and committees, who participated as well as the VIP series protocol to and from the location of the 10th World Water Forum 2024 activity.

Sales and Marketing Director of Wuling Motors Dian Asmahani, said he was proud to have the opportunity to participate and bring the spirit of 'Shaping Clean Tomorrow' through his electric vehicle participating in this global scale event.

"Before this event took place, we have also ensured that all Wuling electric vehicles, namely Air ev, BinguoEV, and Cloud EV, are in good condition and we have prepared maintenance centers and experienced experts to support smooth mobility," he said, in his official statement, Thursday, May 23.

A total of 50 units of Cloud EV were used as protocol cars for the VIP series to escort senior officials and state ministers participating in the 10th World Water Forum 2024.

As is known, this medium Hatchback EV offers comfort thanks to the spacious cabin and Italian-style seat Bubble Sofa which is comfortable with luxurious nuances.

In addition, as many as 16 units of Air ev Long Range and 84 BinguoEV Premium Range were used as modes of transportation for delegates, international organizations, and committees.

Air ev, this compact electric vehicle is easy to drive and can cover a distance of up to 300 km in one full charge. Furthermore, BinguoEV appeared with a timeless exterior and interior design.

This Hatchback EV offers a spacious cabin as well as a convenience support feature that supports premium driving experience.

In order to ensure security and calm, Wuling Wuling has also prepared service and maintenance centers for all EV units in Bali.

ITDC Central Parking Nusa Dua is a parking and charging location for 50 units of Cloud EV. The electric vehicle, which serves as a protocol car for this VIP series, is specifically piloted by the Presidential Security Forces (Paspampres).

Meanwhile, as many as 100 units of Air ev and BinguoEV were placed in the Wuling Jimbaran Pool. All the electric vehicle drivers also receive training from Wuling experts so that participants can carry out mobility in a calm and comfortable manner. Especially at the Wuling Jimbaran Pool, various facilities consisting of charging, service bay, application-based and real-time pool management, experienced technicians, to the Wuling Mobile Service.