How To Fix Unbalanced AirPods Sounds

JAKARTA Some AirPods users may have felt a non-equilibrium sound from their earbuds. One device may produce a louder or slower sound.

If this happens to your AirPods, there are a few things you can do. Quoting from Makeuseof, you can try cleaning AirPods, setting up audio via connected devices, or turning off the spatial audio feature.

Cleanliness of AirPods is one thing that needs to be considered. By regularly cleaning the audio device, you can remove accumulated ear droppings to lower audio quality.

AirPods can be cleaned using cotton buds or cotton. Users only need to clean the dirt around the sounder net. If the dirt is still visible, use a soft brush and brush to the side of the net until the dirt disappears.

The next way you can do this is to adjust the audio via the iPhone. Go to Settings on the device you are using, then go to Accessibility. After that, select Audio and Visual and change the audio balance by sliding the button.

Finally, you can try to turn off the spatial audio feature. In some cases, this feature can be problematic because the audio devices used will take advantage of the sensor to increase the audio and produce a sound that is not balanced.

To turn off the feature, connect AirPods to your iPhone, then open the Control Center on your device. Press the volume slider, then tap the Audio Visual option or Spatialization Stereo. After that, select Fixed (using) or Off option.