Still Disputing With Universal Music, TikTok Will Delete 4 Million More Songs

JAKARTA TikTokdan Universal Music Group (UMG) failed to reach an agreement last January. As a result, millions of music from the label must be removed and can no longer be used.

In early February, about three million songs from various singers were deleted. Some of the major artists affected were Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and The Weeknd. However, there are still millions of other songs that TikTok users can access.

These remaining songs will not last long. Quoting from the BBC report, TikTok will also delete four more songs in the near future. It is not yet known which artists will be affected by the removal of this song.

The impact of removing this song will be much wider than what many parties think. TikTok not only deleted the songs of the singers who entered into contracts with UMG, but deleted any songs composed by UMG singers.

Although the singer collaborated with the singer from another label, the song will still be deleted. This happened because the UMG singer contributed to the creation of songs and was counted as a separate copyright.

Referring to TikTok's recent statement, the deletion of songs from this UMG label will eliminate 30 percent of the songs that are quite popular on its platform. However, some estimate that 80 percent of the songs on TikTok will be muted.

Penghapusan lagu ini akan merugikan para pengguna TikTok dan penyanyi di UMG. Pengguna tidak akan bisa menggunakan lagu dari label UMG sebagaibacksoundvideo, sementara para artis tidak akan mendapatkan royalties dari TikTok.