Today's PDIP III National Working Meeting Focuses On Winning Elections

The PDI-P (PDIP) focused on discussing winning the 2024 General Election on the second day of the National Working Meeting III with the theme 'Poor and Abandoned Children Protected by the State' today, Tuesday, June 7. PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto said there were a number of discussions on the second day, including a consolidation plan."Today is the focus on winning the election. Yesterday, I focused on the design of the policy related to poverty alleviation, today it is related to winning the election," Hasto told reporters at the PDIP DPP Party School, Lenteng Agung, South Jakarta."It will be criticized how many targets the acquisition of seats, the number of witnesses, the consolidation plan, how parties and volunteers move together with the people based on maps in the regions," he continued.It doesn't stop there, PDIP will also discuss Ganjar Pranowo's communication strategy as a presidential candidate (candidate). This discussion was held after President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) yesterday gave a closed briefing when opening the Rakernas III event."He likens a product, Mr. Ganjar is very good but what then is the highest level of preference compared to the names that appear on the national political stage. This is a good capital to be conveyed to the regions," said Hasto.Meanwhile, for the last day, continued Hasto, the National Working Meeting III will discuss preparations for the peak of Bung Karno's month celebration. This activity will be discussed seriously because there will be mass mobilization from Eastern Indonesia by ship.PDIP deliberately uses this mode of transportation to make all parties aware that Indonesia is an archipelagic country. "We also show extraordinary progress from Pak Jokowi in infrastructure, so that later from North Sulawesi, West Kalimantan, and Papua we will use ships to Jakarta," he explained.
Then before the event closed, the sharpening of the election winner was carried out. "Then there are recommendations. The National Working Meeting is closed at 15.00 WIB," concluded Hasto.