Bung Karno's Birthday, June 6: Nikita Khrushchev Gives A Statue Gift By Soviet Artists

JAKARTA - Andil Soekarno in Indonesian foreign politics is so great. Bung Karno was able to make the relationship between Indonesia and the Soviet Union enter the most intimate period. This closeness made the two countries flooded with profits.

The Soviet Union supports Indonesian politics. Vice versa. Bung Karno chose to celebrate his 60th birthday in the Soviet Union on June 6, 1961. The leader of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, did not remain silent. Nikita gave Soekarno a special gift from the famous artist of the Soviet Union: a statue.

Bung Karno never underestimated Indonesia's foreign political affairs. Foreign politics is actually considered a way so that Indonesia is widely known as a great nation. He also chose to go directly into close relations with world leaders.

In fact, the matter of establishing a relationship is actually carried out by the ambassador (Ambassador). Bung Karno doesn't care. He continues to be in a relationship with many countries. This sincerity made Bung Karno familiar with many world leaders.

The leader of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, for example. Bung Karno was smart in taking Khruschev's heart with the various collaborations offered. The results are brilliant. The two then actively support each other.

Bung Karno did not want to delay visiting the Soviet Union. The visit was then replied by Nikita who visited Indonesia in 1960. Moreover, Nikita's visit lasted for two weeks.

The meeting between the two friends of Soekarno and Nikita in Indonesia attracted the attention of the world. All kinds of mass media took part in spreading the visit. Their relationship was often represented as a symbol of the intimateness of Jakarta Moscow.

A total of 89 journalists, cameramen, television, radio, print media followed Nikita's journey while in Indonesia. All news hunters. There are only 11 Indonesian journalists in it, including me. The number is small compared to American journalists, including Bernard Kalb, the New York Times correspondent in Jakarta. There are 17 Russian journalists.

They move quietly, secretly but surely. Of course calm does not apply to television operators, cameraman. Are Americans or Russians, when it comes to these areas, all including hassles. RY Karmen is a white-haired Russian cameraman, I see it as strong as its work and as efficient as American camera stands," Rosihan Anwar wrote in the book Petite Histoire Indonesia Volume 2(2009).

Nikita's visit made Bung Karno gossip about visiting the Soviet Union. Everything is to maintain good relations. Especially on June 5-6 1961. Bung Karno has established his heart to celebrate his 60th birthday in the Soviet Union.

His arrival was greeted with great fanfare. Especially at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Moscow. Indonesian Ambassador to the Soviet Union, Adam Malik acted as the host. The birthday celebration was lively. Many famous musicians of the Soviet Union were also present on Bung Karno's special day.

Bung Karno was then touched. He began to be moved to go to the dance floor. He immediately showed off his skills in introducing the lenso dance by inviting the audience to enjoy the rhythm of the music. Bung Karno was happy not to play with the celebration.

His joy increased when he learned that his birthday was also celebrated by Nikita in the Kremlin. The birthday celebration event made Bung Karno feel honored. Mainly, because Nikita also did not forget to give Bung Karno a gift.

Nikita gave Bung Karno a statue of a girl holding a row by a famous Soviet artist, Matvey Manizer. An artist who was admired by Bung Karno. Even then Bung Karno asked Matvey Manizer with his son to build a Hero Statue or known as the Tugu Tani Statue in 1963.

Bung Karno's birthday was not only held at the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow by the Indonesian government. The government of the Soviet Union also held a special event to commemorate Soekarno's birthday. The Soviet Union held a special event at the Kremlin, the heart of power of the country. The Kremlin is an important and very honorable place in the governance of the Soviet Union until now. The event was held in Granovitaya Palata (Biggest Party), the most sacred place there.

Present at the event were 10 important Soviet figures, including the prime minister. From Indonesia, there were also Subandrio, AH Nasution, and Suprayogi. In the banquet, Nikita gave a yearly gift in the form of a statue of a girl holding a rowing, by famous artist Matvey Manizer. The statue of this girl was then sent by ship to Indonesia. Until now, this statue of a sign of Nikita-Soekarno's friendship was installed in Bogor, "explained Tomi Lembang in the bookSahabat Lama, New Era: 60 Years of Installing Indonesian-Russia Relations (2010).