YouTube Stops Deletion Of Content Related To False Claims For US Presidential Election 2020

YouTube, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., announced on Friday 2 June that the platform would stop removing content that may spread false claims related to US presidential elections in 2020 and earlier.

This series of new updates is part of YouTube's upcoming election misinformation policy.

"In today's environment, we found that although the removal of this content could reduce some misinformation, it could also have an unwanted effect that limits freedom of speech politics," YouTube said in a blog post.

The platform also states that other policies against hate speech, harassment, and calls for violence will still apply to all user content, including elections.

Disinformation dissemination has raised questions about how social media platforms enforce their policies towards misleading content about elections.

Other social media platforms such as Meta Platforms Inc.'s Twitter and Facebook have also experienced a surge in disinformation regarding general elections.