Please Be Patient Cianjur Residents Whose Houses Were Heavily Damaged Due To The Earthquake, Stimulant Assistance Must Be Liquid

CIANJUR - The Cianjur Regency Government, West Java, ensured that residents affected by the earthquake whose houses were heavily damaged would receive stimulant assistance from the government. However, residents are asked to be patient and not be provoked by various incitement that can be detrimental.Cianjur Earthquake Disaster Spokesperson Budi Rahayu Toyib said that his party had received many reports regarding the lack of disbursement of stimulants in the construction of houses affected by the earthquake."Local governments continue to strive to encourage the central government to immediately disburse stimulant assistance for residents affected by the earthquake because the decree on changes to damage has been submitted through the National Disaster Management Agency," he said in Cianjur, Antara, Sunday, June 4.He asked residents to be patient waiting for disbursement from the central government because it had been submitted. According to the instructions of the Regent of Cianjur Herman Suherman, all residents whose houses were damaged by the earthquake will receive stimulant assistance for house repairs.To speed up disbursement, said Budi, his party continues to communicate with BNPB and the Ministry of Finance to ensure the submission of data on earthquake-affected residents who submit changes to damage as soon as possible to receive assistance through their respective accounts."According to the instructions of the Cianjur Regent, we continue to coordinate and establish communication regarding the disbursement of phase III which is already in process and just waiting to enter the accounts of the recipients," he said.In fact, he said, residents affected by the earthquake whose houses have not been recorded can report to village officials or liaison agencies in each village to be submitted. His party also asked residents not to be provoked or provoked in relation to the disbursement that could be carried out in the Cianjur Regency Government.
"For those who have been registered and registered as recipients, we ask for their patience because the local government continues to strive until the target for all residents affected by the earthquake to receive assistance," he said.