Prabowo Gives Pindad SS2-V5 A1 Assault Rifle As A Souvenir For Defense Minister Qatar
Deputy Prime Minister of Qatar and Minister of Defense Qatar Khalid bin Mohamed Al-Attiyah (left) saw the assault rifle made by PT Pindad/ANTARA


JAKARTA - Defense Minister (Menhan) Prabowo Subianto gave the assault rifle made by the SS2-V5 A1 series of Pindad to Defense Minister Qatar Khalid bin Mohamed Al-Attiyah. This rifle was given as a souvenir when the two closed the meeting at the Indonesian Ministry of Defense Office, Jakarta, Sunday, June 4. Prabowo pointed out the domestically made assault rifle and handed it over to Al-Attiyah. "This is made by Pindad," Prabowo said to the Defense Minister of Qatar as reported by Antara. The Minister of Defense of Qatar observed for several seconds the assault rifle given by Prabowo, and immediately greeted the Indonesian Defense Minister with a smile. The SS2-V5 A1 assault rifle is an improvement from the old SS2-V5 model, which previously used a folding-model popor to a telescopic popor. PT Pindad on its official website said that SS2-V5 A1 is believed to be more ergonomic than its predecessor because it is equipped with vertical foregrip, and in the handguard section there are rails on the left, right, top, and bottom that can be installed with various supporting accessories. SS2-V5 A1 is one of the weapons ordered by the Ministry of Defense for Reserve Component (Komcad) training. Pindad in 2021 completed the manufacture of 25,000 SS2 V5-A1 firearms ordered by the Indonesian Ministry of Defense. During a meeting at the Indonesian Ministry of Defense, Sunday, Al-Attiyah also gave souvenirs in the form of miniature buildings and statues that looked like palms to Prabowo. " “ You definitely know what this is," he told the Indonesian Defense Minister. Prabowo received a visit from Al-Attiyah, who also serves as Deputy Prime Minister of Qatar, at the Indonesian Ministry of Defense Office, Jakarta, Sunday. The two met privately in the Defense Minister's Office for approximately 1 hour discussing increasing cooperation between the two countries, especially the defense sector, and the exchange of officers. The visit of the Defense Minister of Qatar at the Office of the Ministry of Defense was greeted with a ceremony of honor, and both took the time to check the readiness of the troops before finally entering the room. Defense Minister Qatar before visiting Prabowo in his office attended the 20th Shangri-La Dialogue, which was held by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in Singapore on 2 – 4 June 2023.
During the event, Prabowo was also present with defense ministers from ASEAN countries, United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, Singapore Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen, and Australian Deputy PM and Defense Minister Richard Marles.

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