This Skutik Motor From Kymco Has A Fuel Tank Of 7.4 Liters
KRV200. (Doc. Kymco)


JAKARTA - In the early 2000, the manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles from Taiwan, Kymco, was known as the pioneer of 4-stroke scutik motorcycles in Indonesia. Kymco Jetmatic Trend 125 is the first type brought by Kymco to Indonesia.

Now in Europe, Kymco is more famous as a reliable producer and often releases large scutik motorcycle products. Most recently, Kymco launched a new sticker called KRV200. This motorbike comes with a fresh and suitable design to be used for community activities in urban areas.

KRV200 has a fairly aggressive design and looks promising to drive, featuring the same moden and technology characteristics as AK550 but has a more affordable price.

The scooter has an LED front light unit that helps with maximum lighting. In addition, KRV200 is also fitted with a package called Power Transmission Module (PTM), which consists of a cooling radiator paired to the motor frame. Maxi Scooter also has a CVT transmission.

The package is centrally mounted on the framework of a lightweight steel tube combined with a 33mm fork and a double swing-arm aluminum with a single shock absorber that is arranged laterally.

Speaking of engine performance, the KRV200 runway is filled with a single cylinder engine of 175 cc 4-uncooled liquid with an electronic fuel injection that can vomit 17 dk of power and a torque of 15.6 Nm.

Thanks to this impressive engine, the highest speed that KRV200 can produce is 107 km/hour with a fuel consumption of 33 km/l with a relief tank of 7.4 liters.

The manufacturer also provides accessories for KRV200 in the form of K-Charger battery chargers, protective glass, and box brackets. Kymco charges for 4,890 euros or around IDR 78.8 million for the European market.

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