JAKARTA - Recently Meta launched some new features on Messenger, which it says will bring you closer to people and things you like.

Here are four new ways from Meta that you can try to get closer to people and things you enjoy.

Sending photos with better quality or HD

Now you can send a clearer and sharper photo in Messenger. To send an HD photo, just select an image from the chat composer, then activate the HD toggle before sending it. You can also send multiple photos in HD format by selecting an 'additional photo' before sending it.

Create an album with friends

Now you can also create photo and video albums that can be shared and arranged to commemorate certain moments. Here's how:

Creating a new album in group chat:

To change the name of the album that you have created, follow this step:

Everyone in the chat group can see, add, delete, and download images and videos from the album. To access the album, simply open the group chat name, then select Media. This feature will be launched in the next few weeks.

Adding a new connection using QR codes

Now, you can directly connect with other people by scanning their Messenger QR code or sharing your QR code via the link. To start a new chat with someone, go to Settings and tap the QR code icon at the top.

From there, other people can scan your QR code using the camera on their device, or you can also share the link by tapping the "Part" option.

Sending documents up to 100MB directly from the cellphone

No need to use an email to send large documents, you can now use Messenger. Just tap the + sign and select documents up to 100MB. On Messenger, you can send all document formats including Word, PDF, Excel, to▁kalau.

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