Inflexion Games Releases 0.2 Updates Formain Games With Many New Features
0.2 Updates toctions (photo: Inflexion Games)

JAKARTA - After listening to suggestions from the players, Inflexion Games is now releasing the most requested new features in the game through an update of 0.2.

Following the Developer Priority roadmap released last month, this April update will introduce new features that the community has strongly requested including:

Changes in Battle: Players now have more choice of long-range fighting early in the game (throwing knives, grenades, and blunderbuses), and increased one-hand weapons with defensive moves such as to fend off knives, backfire movements for sickles, and movement of a series of punches from hammers.

Two New Bound Types: Players can meet Bound Aegis who use two large shields for defense, and Bound Breaker who carries cannons and fire long-range explosives.

Improvement of Crafting: Players will also be able to create directly from storage and put recipes for manufacture in queues.

NPC and New Mission: Additional challenges and storylines have been implemented across Realms.

Small increase: Not to forget, players will also see a temporary icon replacement, the ability to buy items directly from the Guidebook, the ability to avoid two-hand gun attacks, and others.

"This is just the beginning of more great elements that will emerge in the next few months, including the most requested offline mode, new Bioma, and more," the developer wrote in his announcement.

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