Google Provides IDR 314 Billion To Build Safe Technology For Children
Google supports online safety and security (photo: dock. Google)

JAKARTA Technology provides many benefits for children, both to learn new things and to communicate. Although useful, technology can also threaten children.

There are many impacts from technology. In 2019, Google noted that the results of tracing for the mental health of teenagers have more than doubled. This search continued to increase until last year.

In line with the search, the search for information about parental control, AI for children, and the timing of device usage also increased last year. This shows that parents are starting to realize the dangers of technology.

Google appreciates the search results and seeks to provide the right information. In accordance with Google's commitment, the company will provide funds of US$20 million (Rp314 billion) to protect children.

The funds provided by, a non-profit organization from Google, will be given to a number of organizations that support digital welfare, mental health, and online security for minors or under the age of 18.

In addition to supporting in the form of providing funds, Google is also investing in presenting useful features for parents. These features can be used to understand children's online activities, set time limits, and manage application permits.

Not only focusing on developing features, but Google also simplifies the interface and settings of several applications such as Family Link, parental control apps, and SafeSearch in the Google app. This is done so that parents can easily control their children.

Google's next security investment is a SafeSearch password control collaboration and automation. With control collaboration, two family members can coordinate in monitoring children, while SafeSearch will be automatically active for underage Google users.

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