Google Expands Reading Mode Capability In Gmail And Social Media
New Reading Mode capabilities (photo: Doc. Google)

JAKARTA Reading Mode, an accessibility application designed for visually impaired and disslectual people, is increasingly being developed. Now, Googluenahkan kemampuan tersebut di aplikasi Gmail.

Based on the findings of X Artem platform user Russakovskii, quoted from 9to5google,Reading Mode can be used in Gmail. This feature can be used to display simplified readings and text-to-speech capabilities.

However, not all emails can be read by this feature. Reading Mode can also be used in social media applications such as Threads or X, formerly known as Twitter, but text-to-speech capabilities are not working optimally.

When Reading Mode is enabled on email or social media apps, Google will give a warning that reads, "Reading Mode may not work properly with social media or email apps."

Some time ago, Google said that Reading Mode does not support PDF files, email, chat messages, and social media. Despite changes in email and social media, this feature still doesn't work on PDF and messages.

This Reading Mode shortage makes quite a sense because the last update of the app was launched in November last year. According to 9to5google, the ability of text-to-speech on email and social media is an addition to the server side.

If you want to use Reading Mode's ability to read various content, you just need to download the app on the Google Play Store. After the application is downloaded, make sure to enable the shortcut mode from Reading Mode.

Keep in mind that Reading Mode is more useful for reading long content such as paragraphs, articles, or other text views. If the user activates the Reading Mode feature to read text short, this feature won't work.

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