New Features In Classroom: Can Create Automatic Questions With AI
New features in Google Classroom (photo: BAKTI Kominfo)

JAKARTA - Google continues to innovate for its educational platforms, including Google Classroom. Google recently announced that now teachers or teachers can add questions to a YouTube video that airs in Classroom.

"Thus, students are invited to provide immediate responses, and simultaneously educators can analyze answers while looking at the progress data of each student in detail," Google wrote in its blog quoted Monday, February 5.

In addition, Google Classroom will also present a question feature suggested by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is expected to make it easier for teachers to create questions that match learning materials.

In addition, by using the Google Form combined with Practice Sets, educators can create an interactive series of exercises. The Practice Sets is now available for more than 50 languages and is already using AI capabilities.

Furthermore, by the end of this year, Google will launch a feature that allows teachers to groupify in Classroom. So, it can make it easier for teachers to assign different learning content to each group.

Now teachers can use the speaker's spotlight feature and recordings on Slides, or the editing feature on Screencast on Chromebooks.

"Google has also listened and teamed up with millions of educators to understand how best to bring AI technology into the classroom," the announcement concluded.

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