Google Will Change Bard Brand With Gemini Name
Bard will change its name (photo: dock. Google)

JAKARTA A generative chatbotai made by Google has continued to change since the end of last year. From the ranking of the nameard, now Google will replace the name with Gemini.

Last October, at the launch of Pixel 8, Google announced that it would combine Assistant capabilities with the chatbordAI Bard. The merger of this feature is named Assistant with Bard.

Although his name is in accordance with the innovations Google has developed, the company decided to raise the name Assistant with Bard to only Bard. This name change was made in mid-January.

Actually, this name change is good enough because loyal Google users don't need to be confused by the differences between Google Assistant and Assistant with Bard. However, based on recent findings, Google has changed its name again.

First discovered by Dylan Roussel, developer of the Android app, Google plans to change Bard's name to Gemini. This name change will be seen in all products made by Google, both websites and mobile devices.

Bard is now Gemini. The best way to get direct access to Google Al. All the collaborative capabilities you know and like are still there and will continue to improve in the Gemini era," wrote Google in a notification that Roussel shared on platform X.

This name change seems to have actually been made. Based on the findings of 9to5google, Google has changed Bard's name in the application code. Google Assistant has also named the Bard app Gemini.

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