Google Supports Election Smoothness By Eradicating AI Disinformation Content
Let's Understand The Election (photo: Rana/VOI)

JAKARTA Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest challenges that must be faced during the election. The reason is, this technology is often used to create disinformation content.

As one of the partners of the Indonesian government, Google realized that this challenge cannot be ignored. Therefore, Google is committed to providing comprehensive and trustworthy information.

Google Indonesia Country Marketing Manager, Muriel Makarim, said that his company is trying to create and develop products that comply with AI principles. This needs to be done so that their products are not misused.

"So, in response to this, there are several principles that are always held where if we are approached by AI. For example, before issuing a product AI, we carried out tests many times," said Muriel at the event "Ku Pahami Pemilu" on Wednesday, January 31.

In addition to testing, Google also ensures that the products they make are harmless and useful for the community. In line with the creation of AI-powered products, Google also gives birth to principles to regulate AI.

The AI principle is very important for Google. In addition to being used as a reference for developing their products, this principle can be the basis for reference or policies to eradicate unwanted things with the presence of AI.

Another commitment that Google shows to eradicate AI disinformation content is to create an AI detection feature. One of the features that Muriel introduced was the watermark maker for AI-generated photos.

There is one very interesting feature, namely we create a feature on how to make the image made by AI have a watermark. So, so that people know that if you see an image, this image is made by AI, what is the true image," explained Muriel.

The feature that Muriel means is a synthedite detector. This software can help the public in distinguishing images created by AI. This feature is considered very useful to eradicate disinformation content with AI personnel.

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