Often Misaligned, Recognize The Meaning Of The Gembok Icon On Google Chrome
Meaning of the lock icon in Chrome (photo: dock.unsplash)

JAKARTA Google Chrome has a lock icon placed on the crowder's address. Even though people are aware of the presence of this symbol, not many know the meaning of the lock icon.

According to the results of the sciencealert survey, only 7 percent of 463 Chrome website users know the meaning of this icon. The majority of Chrome users gave incorrect interpretations of the meaning of this lock icon.

Most of them say that this icon is a sign that the website is safe to access, virus-free, to the extent that it can be trusted because its website is genuine. All of these answers are completely wrong.

This understanding can lead to problems if it continues to be instilled. Many Chrome users can open websites carelessly and think that their device will be fine because the website is safe.

In simple terms, the lock icon is a sign that the web site accessed uses the encryption process. Data sent between web servers to the user's computer will be securely maintained and cannot be read by others.

All of these websites will use Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). It should also be understood that HTTPS and HTTP are different. The HTTPS protocol is safer because it uses SSL/TSL, which is the layer of security for websites.

By understanding the meaning of this lock icon, users must be aware that not all websites are safe to access. There are several websites that need to be avoided so they don't get caught up in.

This lock icon has actually been used for a long time, but due to the lack of public awareness of the meaning of this icon, Google will replace this lock icon to the icon.

The plan announced in the middle of this year states that Google will change their lock icon last September. However, there is no further information regarding the schedule for changes to this icon.

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