Google Expands The Presentance Of Generative AI-powered Search To India And Japan
Search Genrative Experience (SGE) is now present in India and Japan (photo: Google)

JAKARTA - Over the past few months, Google has been trying to experiment with its Generative AI tools to optimize user experience in Search.

Google has also tried Search Generative Experience (SGE) at Search Labs, and added new capabilities, ranging from bringing videos and images into responses to local information and travel recommendations.

Now, Google is disclosing its plans to expand the Generative AI experience in SGE to more regions around the world.

"Now, we are bringing a generative AI experience in tracing (SGE) to more people, making the Search Lab available in India and Japan," wrote Hema BADaju, Senior Director, Product Management, Search in Google's latest blog.

The launch in India and Japan is the first SGE launch outside the US, which will help people better understand topics more quickly, uncover points of view, and resolve things more easily.

"Like in the US, people in Japan and India will be able to use the ability of generative AI in their local language, either by typing queries or using voice input," explained Budarju.

However, there is a unique ability for users in India. Where users will also find a language button to help multilanguage speakers easily switch between English and Hindi.

In addition, users in India can also listen to their responses, which are popular preferences. In both countries, search ads will continue to appear in special ad slots across pages.

"This generative AI experience helps people explore various perspectives and serves as a starting point for exploring web content," he concluded.

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