Tesla And Twitter Will Integrate Bitcoin And Dogecoin Payments
Two companies owned by Elon Musk will receive BTC and DOGE payments. (Photo; Doc. Cryptotendencia)

JAKARTA - Tesla, a well-known electric car company owned by billionaire Elon Musk, has revealed details about its Bitcoin holdings, revealing that it still holds US$184 million (IDR 2.7 trillion) crypto assets. This demonstrates their commitment to blockchain technology and crypto as part of the company's financial strategy.

Not only Bitcoin, but there is also speculation about Tesla's plans to introduce crypto payment features on Twitter's social media platform, which Elon Musk also owns. This news strengthened when it was discovered that the keywords Bitcoin and Dogecoin had emerged in Tesla's website source code.

Even so, until now, there has been no official confirmation from Tesla or Twitter regarding the planned launch of this crypto payment feature. It is known that the Tesla website has added a crypto payment feature in January 2023 on their page, however, until now this feature has not been implemented in real terms.

Even so, the existence of Bitcoin and Dogecoin keywords in the source code is a signal of hope for crypto enthusiasts that this payment facility with digital assets will be coming soon. On the other hand, the close relationship between Elon Musk and the Dogecoin community has become a common secret, especially thanks to his tweets that often mention the coin.

Therefore, there is strong speculation that when crypto payment features launch, both Tesla and Twitter will integrate Dogecoin together with Bitcoin as part of the cryptocurrency group that was first introduced.

The mass adoption of cryptocurrencies as a class of key payment assets is increasingly real with these steps. For the crypto community, this is encouraging news as it can increase adoption and awareness of digital currencies among Tesla users and Twitter users. However, keep in mind that this news is still under speculation and we look forward to official confirmation from related companies.

With the active involvement of large companies such as Tesla and social media platforms as much as Twitter, there is no doubt that crypto is further establishing its position as an important part of the global economy and opening up further opportunities for mass adoption in the future.

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