British Basketball Club London Lions Announces Acceptance Of DOGE And XRP Payments
DOGE and XRP are means of payment at a basketball club from England. (Photo; Doc. CFX Magz)

JAKARTA - London Lions, the English basketball club, has entered the world of digital currency by establishing partnerships with BitPay. This partnership allows clubs to accept digital currencies as payments for their merchandise.

This move indicates the support of professional basketball clubs for leading digital currencies, including Dogecoin (DOGE) and XRP, in an effort to unite the world of crypto and sports. Fans and the public can buy club jerseys and accessories through BitPay using digital currencies such as Dogecoin, XRP, Shiba Inu, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

BitPay, as one of the largest crypto payment platforms in the world Web3.0, plays an important role in strengthening relations between conventional companies and the digital currency ecosystem. Previously, BitPay also helped Spanish airlines accept ticket payments using cryptocurrencies.

This partnership is an important step in increasing the interest of other companies in digital currencies. BitPay's efforts have helped convert digital currencies such as Dogecoin from just fun tokens to tokens that have real usefulness.

With the integration of BitPay, the London Lions basketball club shows its commitment to welcoming technological developments and expanding the accessibility of the use of digital currencies in the world of sports.

London Lions is not the first sports club to enter the crypto world. Previously, Dallas Mavericks, an NBA team owned by crypto investor and advocate Mark Cuban, had accepted Dogecoin as payment for their products in 2021. These measures show that digital currency adoption is expanding in the world of sport, creating an attractive mix between the two industries.

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