Science Data, Big Data And AI Experts Become The Most Wanted Profession 2023
The most sought-after job in 2023 (photo: Smart Cashier)

JAKARTA - Based on various kinds of research that have emerged, along with the rapid development of technology, more and more professions or expertise will be lost and replaced by other professions that are more needed by various companies.

One of the major factors that has an effect is the impact of the rapid development of digitalization and the emergence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology or artificial intelligence in various industrial lines that replace several areas of work that are expected to shift and even disappear.

Work in several industrial sectors that may be heavily affected are the media, entertainment, information and communication technology industry to the government.

In addition, there are several professions that deserve to be considered for study, including Data Analysis, Science Data, Machine Learning, Big Data Specialist to Robotica. Some of these new expertises later became discussion material for the National Seminar on Data Science - Similarly 2023.

"Learning the data has nothing to lose, I happened to study at the Statistics department where the data has become daily food and when I have a current position, I build a startup with 3 other founders of Casir Pintar, that knowledge is very used", said Sitti Raisya, Co Founder and CCO Kasir Pintar in the seminar.

As a company engaged in technology, Kasir Pintar also feels the need for employees who have expertise in digital data and capabilities is very important.

"Every week we always review based on the data we have to see how far the development of the user and also the development of the Smart Cashier has gone, everything is based on data, including in terms of marketing, which we will definitely analyze together," explained the woman who is familiarly called Icha.

For him, the industry's need for data processing and digitization is high, so it's a shame to miss the opportunity to learn about everything related to Data Analysis, Data Science, Big Data Processing, AI Technology and even Digital Marketing and content creation which is indeed the TOP Category of the most popular jobs for the next few years.

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