The Meme Coins Are Booming Again, Interests In The US, India And England Are High
The meme coin has big fans from various countries. (Photo; Doc. Mudrex)

JAKARTA Meme or memecoin coins are crypto assets based on jokes or popular memes, attracting the attention of their fans in various parts of the world again. Based on a study conducted by CoinGecko on May 3, 2023, interest in meme coins remains high, especially in the United States (US), India, and Britain.

According to a study conducted by CoinGecko, users from the US accounted for more than 23.6 percent of the total number of visits to 15 traced popular meme coins, which is equivalent to more than two million visits. India is in second place with a contribution of 20.3 percent, followed by the UK, the Philippines, and Nigeria.

Meme coins themselves are often criticized for not having real utility. However, the high interest of fans in various countries, especially after the success of Dogecoin (DOGE) in 2020.

The success of DOGE could not be separated from Elon Musk's contribution providing great support to the coin until it reached a high price of 0.75 US dollars (equivalent to Rp10,900) during the increase in the trend of the final meme coin. Then, the emergence of other meme coins such as Shiba Inu and Pepe attracted more interest from users.

Some of the most popular memecoins today are DOGE, Shiba Inu (SHIB), Pepe (PEPE), BabyDoge Coin (BABYDOGE), FLOKI (FLOKI), and others. Currently, the meme-coin meme coin has a market capitalization of billions of dollars.

Among the most popular meme coins, SHIB occupies the top spot in the US, with a visit portion reaching 60.7 percent. Meanwhile, PEPE only has 11.8 percent of visits. Meanwhile, in India, Shiba Inu and BabyDoge Coin are more popular.

In the study, it can be seen that interest in meme coins is also different in each country. For example, in Nigeria, popular meme coins are Floki, ArbDoge AI, and Dogelon Mars, while Dogecoin is only popular in Morocco. In Canada, interest in PEPE is quite high.

Although it continues to be criticized for lack of utilities, interest in meme coins remains high and continues to attract crypto enthusiasts around the world. This shows that the crypto market is still growing and maintaining its popularity in the eyes of the public.

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