Commemorating World's Data Privacy Day, GoTo Announces Its Initiatives In Personal Data Protection
The signing of the MoU by GoTo with the National Movement for Digital Cybercreation Literacy (photo: Spc)

JAKARTA - In line with the government's efforts to encourage digital literacy, the GoTo Group or PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk. as the largest digital ecosystem in Indonesia, it continues to strive to increase MSME digital literacy related to personal data protection.

On Monday, February 6, GoTo signed a memorandum of understanding between the Creative Digital Literacy Movement. This collaboration, which has been going on since 2020, is expected to increase the digital literacy of millions of GoTo business partners in various cities in Indonesia.

The Personal Data Protection Law (UU PDP) in Indonesia, which was passed in October 2022, marks a new chapter of digital literacy in Indonesia.

"We believe MSME's understanding of data security is part of crucial digital literacy. Creating a digital ecosystem that is truly safe requires the cooperation of various parties: qualified technology, adequate regulations, and technology users who understand how to protect data and privacy," said SVP Group Head of Data Protection and Privacy Officer (DPPO) GoTo, Leny Suwardi in Jakarta.

Given the importance of this, GoTo is again collaborating with Sibercreation to carry out a series of informative activities regarding the PDP Law for MSMEs.

The signing of the GoTo and Cybercreation memorandum of understanding was also witnessed and welcomed by the government, in particular by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics.

In his remarks, the Director General of Informatics Applications of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan said that MSMEs are often the target of cybercrimes.

"We welcome the GoTo Group's active participation in assisting the government in socializing the PDP Law that was just passed. As a strategic partner, a digital company like GoTo can be an example for other companies in managing personal data in accordance with the law," said Sammy.

GoTo Initiative in Personal Data Protection

Not only in terms of compliance and technology, GoTo has carried out various initiatives to improve overall data protection standards for companies, users, employees, and all ecosystem partners, including:

  • Each GoTo business unit has the best security standards in the industry, some examples of which include obtaining ISO 27001 certification for information security management, ISO 27701 for privacy information management systems, and PCI DSS for payment card industry data security standards,
  • Formation of officials and special teams who carry out the function of protecting personal data (Data Protection Officer) according to the mandate of the PDP Law, with systems and processes that are on par with global best practices,
  • Building world-class security technology fronted by the best digital talents,
  • Personal data security campaigns such as the #JAGA Program from Gojek and GoTo Financial, especially for application users and also MSMEs,
  • Making digital literacy learning modules by Tokopedia to protect marketplace users' personal data, by collaborating with the Center for Digital Society (CfDS) Gadjah Mada University, and
  • Internal training regarding data security for GoTo, Gojek, GoTo Financial, and Tokopedia employees during onboarding of new employees and also periodically. The last training was held on January 30 2023 by presenting speakers from Kominfo and Google Cloud, attended by more than 800 employees

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