Apple Immediately Get Chip Supply From The TSMC Factory In Arizona
Apple can supply chips from factories in Arizona. (photo: dock. Pixabay)

JAKARTA - Apple seems to be the only technology company that is not affected by the global recession. The iPhone maker is actually seen expanding by preparing to start getting chips for its devices from a factory under construction in Arizona in the United States.

Reported by Bloomberg News, Apple could also expand the supply of chips from factories in Europe, referring to Apple's Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook, at an internal meeting in Germany with local engineering and retail employees. Apple itself declined to comment when contacted by Reuters.

According to the report, Cook is likely referring to the Arizona plant to be run by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), the world's largest contract chipmaker and major supplier to Apple so far.

Last year, TSMC said it had started construction at a site in Arizona where it plans to spend $12 billion to build a computer chip factory, and plans to start volume production of chips using 5 nanometers of production technology by 2024.

Earlier this month, TSMC also said it was building a building that could serve as its second chip factory in Arizona.

The United States has encouraged foreign technology companies to manufacture chips domestically and actively support local research, development and manufacturing after passing the CHIPS Act.

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