Comparison Of Snapdragon Vs Mediatek, Which One Is Superior?
Illustration of Snapdragon vs Mediatek (photo: dock. Frepik)

YOGYAKARTA - Processors are an important component in the performance of a smartphone. The higher the quality of the processor, the faster or faster smartphone performance. Snapdragon and Mediatek compete with each other to become chipsets that dominate Android phones.

The type of chipset or processor is a consideration when a person wants to buy a cellphone. The processor option is adjusted to the user's needs, for example for gaming performance or other applications.

Snapdragon and Mediatek processors have differences in price terms. Snapdragon is the processor on mobile phones to higher value. Both types of processors have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Snapdragon is becoming a popular processor currently in use. Mediatek is third behind Apple's processors.

Mediatek processors are generally installed on mobile phones in the mid range segment. The price of mobile phones with Mediatek processors is cheaper than Snapdragon. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the Mediatek chipset.

- Chipsets have more core per processor that helps in computing speed

- CPU performance and GPU graphic performance above the average

- High battery consumption

- High temperature heating level

- Costs cheaper or affordable

Snapdragon processors are found in various mobile phone segments, ranging from low end, mid range, to high end. Snapdragon processor phones have a higher price than Mediatek. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Snapdragon chipsets.

- The best processor on the market with the highest Benchmark sales results

- Equipped with Qualcomm-produced Adreno built-in GPU Chip

- Very high graphics performance for gaming segment

- Lower battery consumption

- Temperature heating rates are lower

- Higher prices

Snapdragon and Mediatek processors can be compared based on their respective advantages, as follows.

Mobile in the mid range class is dominated by a chipset made by Mediatek. The most popular chipset model from Mediatek is the Helio G90T. The chipset, which was launched on the Redmi Note 8 Pro, provides the best performance of up to 60 frames per second in the PUBG Mobile game.

Meanwhile, Snapdragon offers 720G, 720G, and 662 chipsets. However, the chipset's performance is still inferior to Helio. Snapdragon's advantage is its productivity. Users who need gaming mobile phones in this class are better off choosing Helio G-series. However, if its use is for daily activities such as social media and watching videos, then Snapdragon 765G is recommended.

Snapdragon is the most popular processor in flagship model phones. The most dominant chipset is the Snapdragon 800 series. Snapdragon 865 occupies the top spot below the Kirin 9000 chipset.

Meanwhile, MediaTek has just launched a qualified processor for flagship classes in mid-2022. The flagship chipset from Mediatek is Mediatek Dimensity 9000+. This processor already supports 5G networks that combine ARMv9 CPU architecture with 4 nm technology processes.

That's the comparison of Snapdragon vs Mediatek processors based on their respective advantages and disadvantages. The choice of the processor type in the cellphone adjusts to the needs of each mobile phone user.

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