These Are The 6 Oldest Gamers In The World, One Of Which Is Recognized By The Guinness World Record
The game is indeed played by all ages, Hamako Mori is the oldest gamer who has been recognized by the Guinness World Record (Photo: YouTube Gamer Grandma)

JAKARTA - The game industry is growing very rapidly lately. Games are not only used as entertainment when bored, now games can also make money for players.

YouTubers in the gaming world are also rampant. In Indonesia, for example, there are several very popular gaming YouTubers such as Jess No Limit, Miawaug, Dylan Pros, and many more.

Game tournaments have also taken place in Indonesia or in other countries. Now there is the term Esport or Electronic Sport which is a term for video game competitions for multiplayer, generally between professional players.

Playing games really knows no age, starting from children, teenagers, adults, even parents who can be called grandparents also play games. Here are the oldest gamers in the world.

Shirley Curry

Shirley Curry's oldest gamer is commonly called Grandma Skyrim by her fans. Not only good at playing games, Curry is also a famous YouTuber. Currently, his YouTube channel already has 989 thousand subscribers.

As the name implies, Shirley Curry is very fond of playing the game Skyrim. However, recently he gave some bad news, where he said that he had a stroke in his sleep which made him forget most of how to play Skyrim.

Hamako Mori (Grandma Gamer)

This Japanese YouTuber Hamako Mori has been officially recognized by the Guinness World Record as the oldest gaming YouTuber in the world. He uploads many videos of him playing Playstation 4 games including Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), Call of Duty, Dauntless, and Dark Souls 3.

Hamako Mori also has a YouTube channel called "Gamer Grandma". Hamako Mori has uploaded more than a hundred videos. Until now he has 535 thousand subscribers. Granny Hamako's Gaming Channel displays various content

Scott Smith

Host, broadcast analyst, lifelong gamer and over 16 years of esports experience. Scott “SirScoots” Smith is one of the most iconic faces in the industry and earned a well-deserved place in the 2019 Esports Awards Lifetime Achievement Class.

Scott's first contact with esports dates back to 1999 when Counter-Strike was released. At that time he really liked the game and finally joined a team called Unitary Guerrilla Platoon (UGP) at the age of 34 years.

One of the veterans in the industry, SirScoots has been covering industry news since its inception, as he is the co-owner of the iconic coverage websites, GotFrag and GotFrag TV, where he has spent many years.

After some time, the company was bought by MLG and after a few years working at MLG, he decided to go ahead and pursue a new adventure in this industry.

Doreen Fox

Doreen Fox, is now over 80. He has been playing video games since the 80s and after two hits, he believes the games keep him alive and thriving. He likes Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty.

He may not consider himself to be the best gamer, given that he usually loses against his grandson, but he may be the most hardcore, intense and ruthless.

Kathleen Connell

Kathleen Connell is neither an esports athlete nor a famous YouTuber. Connell is just a regular gamer playing games on his Nintendo DS Lite console at home. What is interesting here is that this grandmother is more than 100 years old.

He likes the DS more than any other competitive game. At the age of 100 years in 2012, Kathleen always spends 2 hours every day playing games. However, at this time there was no more news from Kathleen.

Doris Self

Doris died in 2006, but before she died, she left her mark in the Guinness book of world records as the world's oldest video game competitor. Technically, the feat was added after he died, but his actions were not.

In 1984, he competed in the Twin Galaxy Video Game Masters Tournament and set a world record of 1,112,300 points on the special setting, the most difficult setting allowing only five people in the game. Master Q*Bert will forever be in our hearts.

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