Know Important Chats On WhatsApp Through Ringtones, Here's How
Know Important Chats on WhatsApp Through Ringtones, Here's How (Navbharat Times)

YOGYAKARTA - WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging application by people around the world today, Indonesia is no exception.

The various free features offered by WhatsApp make the application, which was first released in 2009, has experienced rapid development until now.

In the WhatsApp application, users can send text messages, voice messages, documents, to voice and video calls, through your device.

Users also often use WhatsApp to chat with each other through group chats, or private chats. However, sometimes users ignore important messages that come in due to the large number of chats you have.

But, you don't need to worry because WhatsApp provides a feature that can make users aware of important messages that enter your account.

If you are interested in using this feature, below the VOI team has compiled the steps that you can follow to make it easier for users to know the important messages that come in.

How to Set a Specific Chat Ringtone on WhatsApp

One way that you can do to find out if a WhatsApp message that comes into your account is an important message or not is to change the ringtone of a contact on your WhatsApp, such as a boss's contact.

To change it, users can open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone, then click the Chat menu or Chat. After that, select the important contact you want to change the ringtone for. Not only private contacts, users can also change notification ringtones from group chats.

After specifying a contact, scroll down and click the Custom Notifications menu or click the song notation icon, then select the Use Custom Notifications option, and select the empty box on the right.

A checkmark will appear on your WhatsApp page, then select the Notification Tone option, and select the tone you want to use to distinguish each incoming chat from that contact.

After selecting a ringtone, click the back menu. Later, every chat that enters your account from the contact you have selected will have a ringtone notification that is different from the others.

Thus, users can immediately open a chat that enters your smartphone, if the ringtone sounds, or not in a hurry if the ringing tone is a regular ringtone.

That's the way that you can use to find out important chats that enter your WhatsApp. Users can activate the feature to distinguish ringtones in your contacts.

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