Oh No Onana! Manchester United Goalkeeper Experiences Worst Dream
Manchester United goalkeeper Andrea Onana. (Photo: Twitter/@ManUtd)

JAKARTA - Manchester United lost 3-4 when they visited Bayern Munich in their inaugural match in Group B of the 2023/2024 Champions League.

This match presents the worst dream in the goalkeeper's career, Andre Onana. The Cameroonian player made a fatal blunder that resulted in Bayern Munich's first goal.

Onana let Leroy Sane's unpowered shot ball slide into the net. This embarrassing mistake made him fall limp as if he couldn't believe his Champions League debut with Manchester United didn't go smoothly.

Former Manchester United player, Rio Ferdinand who is also the pandit of TNT Sports said, "This is the worst dream scenario for Onana."

"As goalkeepers, you get paid to get on the pitch and make a save. Sane doesn't take any kicks that don't make it difficult, and he should save him (Sane's ball)."

"It was meat and drink for him and he had to take it and look for the next food. It was a bad mistake and he had to recover," continued Ferdinand.

Another former Manchester United player, Owen Hargreaves, thinks the same way. "You should be able to save that. Sane doesn't make strong contact for that, he (Onana) just needs to get him out," he said.

"He shook his head, he was very frustrated. He knew he couldn't make a mistake like that," continued Hargreaves.

Onana's blunder also became the material for MU fans to criticize. Some brought up the name of David De Gea, the goalkeeper who was eliminated with Onana's presence.

"Oh God Onana. I can't defend you," said one fan writing on Twitter.

"Better than De Gea. Andre Onana," tweeted another.

"Onana is just a disgrace," wrote another Manchester United fan.

After the match, Onana immediately apologized for the mistakes she had made. He said it was his responsibility.

"Because of me, we didn't win - and I have to learn from it. I have a lot to prove," said Onana.

"To be honest, my start at Manchester United wasn't so good. I was the one who let the team down," he concluded.

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