JAKARTA - Ukrainian President Volodymyr believes China will not sell any weapons to Russia, after he spoke with Bamboo Curtain Country Leader Xi Jinping via telephone.

He expressed this during a joint press conference with United States President Joe Biden on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Italy on Thursday, although he did not elaborate on when the phone talks were held.

"I had a firm conversation with the Chinese leader. He said he would not sell any weapons to Russia. We'll see if he's an honorable person or not, because he has promised me," President Zelensy told Reuters on June 14.

"By the way, China does not supply weapons, but the ability to produce these weapons and the technology available to do so, so it actually helps Russia," President Biden said.

President Zelensky said Kyiv and China have the same views on peace, dialogue can be carried out between them and if Beijing has alternative views, Beijing can prepare alternative "uniformulas of peace".

The Ukrainian leader has previously promoted his vision of peace in Ukraine, which he calls a "formula of peace".

Switzerland is scheduled to host international delegations from dozens of countries and organizations this weekend, at a summit to try to make peace in Ukraine.

The public's last known phone call between President Zelensky and President Xi came in April 2023, the only phone call since Russia's massive invasion.

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